Senior Downsizing Services

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Transitioning to a smaller home or senior living community can be challenging. Our senior downsizing services are designed to make this process as smooth and stress-free as possible, providing compassionate support every step of the way.

About Our Services

Why Choose Us for Your Home?

Downsizing offers numerous benefits for seniors, including easier management of belongings, increased safety, and enhanced emotional well-being. A smaller, more manageable space reduces physical strain and minimizes the risk of accidents, while also simplifying daily routines and maintenance.

Our Process

How We Help

Our downsizing process is designed to ease the transition:


Understanding the client's needs, preferences, and emotional aspects of downsizing.


Creating a detailed downsizing plan that includes sorting, packing, and logistical considerations.


Assisting with sorting and packing, arranging for donations or disposal of unwanted items, and coordinating the move.


Setting up the new home to ensure it is functional and comfortable, helping with unpacking and organizing.

Choose Your Package

Tailored packages designed to meet the specific needs of seniors.

Decluttering and Organizing WITH YOU

This investment starts at $600.00 but entirely depends on the level of involvement of the client in the decision-making process and the space and its contents.

Decluttering and Organizing FOR YOU

This investment starts at $780.00 but entirely depends on the spaces in your home and their contents.

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