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General Questions

What is professional organizing?

My Preferred Organizer is a professional organizing service that helps individuals and businesses declutter and optimize their spaces for improved efficiency and comfort.

What will a professional organizer do?
Professional organizers not only help clients declutter and organize their spaces, but also teach them valuable organizing skills that they can use in the future. These skills may include time management, prioritization, and decision-making strategies.
Why should I hire a professional organizer?

Hiring a professional organizer saves you time, reduces stress, and creates sustainable organizational systems tailored to your needs, enhancing your productivity and lifestyle.


How do I get started with your services?

To get started, you can book a free consultation through our Booking page, call us at (609) 240-9071, or email [email protected].

Service-Specific Question

What does the Clutter Crusher package include?

The Welcome Home package includes assessment and space planning, unpacking, decluttering, organizing, shopping for storage solutions, labeling, donation removal, and trash arrangement. Sessions start at $780.00 for 6 hours with 2 organizers. Contact us for a customized estimate.

How does the senior downsizing process work?

The Peaceful Pack package involves developing a packing plan, decluttering, sourcing packing materials, efficient packing, labeling, coordinating with movers, and providing emotional support. Sessions start at $780.00 for 6 hours with 2 organizers. Contact us for a customized estimate.

How does the Organize and Optimize package work?

This package offers decluttering and organizing services tailored to your lifestyle needs, including assessment, sorting, customized solutions, shopping for storage, and labeling. Sessions start at $780.00 for 6 hours with 2 organizers. Contact us for a customized estimate.


How often should I use the maintenance services?

The frequency of maintenance services depends on your specific needs and lifestyle. We typically recommend scheduling maintenance visits on a weekly or monthly basis to keep your space organized and clutter-free. Our team can help you determine the best schedule during your initial consultation. Contact us for a customized plan.

Booking and Payment Questions

How do I book a service?

Book a service by visiting our Booking page, calling us at (609) 240-9071, or emailing us at [email protected]

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept various payment methods including credit cards, debit cards, and electronic transfers.

Do you offer any discounts or packages?

Yes, we offer flexible payment options to help make our services more affordable. We offer financing through Affirm, Klarna, and Afterpay. Contact us today for more information.

Do you offer split payments or financing?

Yes, we offer discounts for recurring services and package deals for multiple sessions. Contact us for details on current promotions and packages.

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